Catsitter in Munich (East)

Loving, professional care for your cat

Whether you are gone for a vacation, a business trip, or due to health issues – unfortunately, most of the time your cat needs to stay behind.
To spare the animals the stress of moving to friends or a pension my mobile cat sitting service offers the perfect alternative: the cats can stay in their familiar environment and get daily visits from me.

Here's how it works:   
During a free and nonbinding meet and greet we can discuss all the details and you can show me where to find the food, litter boxes, etc. If you have a good feeling we can exchange the keys right then and there.

After you leave, I will visit once a day and take care of feeding your cat(s) and cleaning the litter boxes, as well as taking out the trash if needed. Afterwards I give them my undivided attention and love in the form of games and petting. Of course, I will always respect your cats' needs and boundaries!

If needed I can also administer medication or groom your cats. In the unlikely case of an emergency I will not hesitate to bring them to a vet or an animal clinic!

30 minutes are planned for every visit, at least, but there is no set time limit as I like to take enough time for playing and cuddles.

If you want me to I can also water your plants, empty the mailbox or move the blinds. These services are free of charge. 

Additionally I can send updates and photos of your cat(s) via Whatsapp/Signal or e-mail so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.

Please note: Limited availability in 2023! Please read the information below "Send request".

Here are some of the furballs I took care of:

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About me

My name is Tanja, I’m 33 and together with my boyfriend and our fur babies, Snow & Prince (cats) and Buffy & Luna (degus), I live in Perlach, Munich.

I passionately love taking care of my pets, so in 2017 I decided to start cat sitting in my spare time to help out fellow cat parents during their absences. After three years of doing this as a hobby, I finally decided to turn my passion into a job. I quit my old job and switched to a new one in a part-time position to be able to be more flexible with my time. I have been working as an independent cat sitter on the side since November 2019.

In addition to my 6 years of experience as a cat sitter and numerous literature, I have visited a seminar on “First Aid on Cats and Dogs” to be prepared in any case. 
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I'd love to take care of your degus or other rodents alongside your cat for you too!

As a lover of all animals, some topics such as proper care and animal rights are very close to my heart. For this reason, I created the following two pages and summarized some of the most important information, as well as collected some useful tips and resources:

In my spare time I like being creative and I run a small Etsy shop named "geekyfeels". Feel free to have a look around over there too. :)


According to § 19 UStG, I do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account for it (small business).

¹ Only before the 1st booking
² You are a regular beginning with your 5th booking
³ If we exchange keys during the meet and greet this fee doesn't apply of course. Also if you bring or send me the keys yourself. Bringing them back can be omitted by me leaving the keys in your mailbox. For regulars, I also offer to keep the keys permanently.
⁴ Applies to all national holidays in Bavaria, as well as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
⁵ Only applies to bookings further than 5 km away (Google Maps car route)

Payment via bank transfer is required within 14 days after receiving the invoice on the last day of the booking.​

Cancellations are free up until one day before the booking. Cancellations on the first day of the booking will result in a 10 EUR fee.

Tip for your tax declaration:
According to §35a EStG, the costs for my cat sitting service are deductible as household services. This way you can get back 20% (or a maximum of 4000 EUR) of the amount you paid!

Send request

Send me a message - I will usually reply within 24 hours and let you know if I am free.

Please note: I exclusively work in the Eastern part of Munich, specifically in these zip codes:

81737, 81735, 81739, 81539, 81547, 81549, 81671, 81673, 81825, 85579 and can only offer one visit per day.

Your booking is not binding until you have signed the cat sitting agreement. I will send it to you if I am available on your requested dates.
You can also download the agreement in advance to read through in my terms and conditions (AGBs). 

News for 2023:

With my work situation changing this year, unfortunately so is my availability for catsitting. From now on I can only accept one booking at a time. Also I won't be available during Christmas/New Years (~ Dec 20th 2023 - Jan 10th 2024).

Subsequently I can only accept a limited amount of new clients. Outside of peak times (Easter and summer holidays) I may be able to accept some new clients if you live very closeby (Perlach/Ramersdorf).

I hope for your understanding in this matter.